Laura Donkers

I am an ecological and social arts professional specialising in strategic community engagement and behaviour-change projects to transform public perception of ecology, sustainability and climate change. I develop cultural programmes to establish new ways to address the contemporary ecological crisis in a reciprocally beneficial way with communities and young people. I have over ten years’ experience in connecting people with ecology through art to engage and inform eco-mindfulness, mutuality and kinship. I specialise in researching, designing and leading projects that transform public perception of art and ecology. My AHRC-funded PhD research delivered a series of decarbonisation projects on growing more food and reducing waste by integrating local knowledge with cultural, intergenerational approaches, promoting a new vision for co-created community working practices, leading to improved climate change engagement at all levels of local society – schools, local community groups, local organisations and businesses. I have been based in the Outer Hebrides for over 30 years and undertook my PhD research project in the islands of the Uists and Benbecula.




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January 24, 2022