Robin Lacey

Symbols are the prime focus of my work and was catlysed by guiding rites of passage in the Californian deserts. I am profoundly drawn to the paradox in duality, their dissolution and resolution, and the shadows they cast dancing in the light.
I endeavor to re-forge symbols into a contemporary aesthetic, or imagine anew for a specific idea, place or purpose.

My experience of ritual, and the material world of the studio foundry, have allowed me to draw from an inner well, and enabled me to pour its content into the mundane world through a wide variety of processes and surface enrichments.

My passion is to make objects of meaning for individuals, collectives and institutions for symbolic statement or utility.

This bleeds into the public realm, where a humble mark on the commonplace can have more effect than a grand statement.

When I began making, I thought that I had something to say.
I now feel I have something to understand. So, with a questioning doubt as my staff, I attempt to cast a small pale light onto the stage symbol and myth.

“Even in the minutia and mundane we deserve high aesthetics and sublime meaning.”



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March 6, 2017

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