Walter Lewis

After 35 years working at the interface of technology and commerce, I am attempting to follow my dreams as a fine art photographer.

My practice involves seeking times and places which offer space for deep reflection on our relationship with the earth. In particular I seek a sensibility which is contemporary yet restores emotional connections to the earth. I am drawn to contemporary philosophies of a vitalist world as for example expounded by Tim Ingold (Professor of Anthropology, Aberdeen) or Jane Bennett (Professor of Political Theory, John Hopkins).

In 2015 I travelled around England and Wales seeking out, and photographing, people who have made choice to produce food in an ethical and sustainable way. In such cases, food production is local, community based, organic, small in scale, biodiverse, low in energy use, high in animal welfare. In making this choice, these indie farmers provide the rest of us with a choice on where we source our daily food. Are we to source ethically or are we to support the status quo in every supermarket. It is a choice which challenges our attitude towards the earth and which I am currently seeking to bring to life through book and exhibitions.



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March 27, 2017

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