Friday May 27: 10:15 – 17.30 BST

£60 / £45 Concessions (unwaged, low income, student)

You will need your own transport or carshare (there is no functionally useful public transport available)

One-day workshop with Helen Poynor (Walk of Life)

Entering, recognising where we are, paying our respects.

Finding our place among the ancient rocks. Allowing body, mind and feelings to settle. Cradled by the earth, open and receptive, listening deeply, receiving breath and heartbeat and the sounds of the moor and the river far below.

Asking for nothing. Savoring stillness and the changing light. Finding our way in the company of lichen covered boulders and trees sculpted by the elements, following whatever unfolds moment by moment in response to the world around us in all its fragility and magnificence. Simply present in our body, in our self, in this place. 

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About Helen:

Helen Poynor runs the Walk of Life workshop and training programme in non-stylised and environmental movement. An independent movement artist she specialises in movement in natural environments, site-specific, autobiographical and improvisatory performance, and cross art-form collaborations.
Based on the Jurassic coast in East Devon/West Dorset since 1991 Helen’s environmental practice evolved out of working on Dartmoor in the 1980s. Intensive training with Anna Halprin at the San Francisco Dancers’ Workshop/Tamalpa, and Suprapto Suryodarmo from Java (to both of whom she is deeply indebted) served as the foundation for Helen’s unique approach. She is a guest associate teacher for Tamalpa UK and was recognised by Suprapto as a teacher. Helen serves as a mentor for established and emerging dancers and practitioners.

Artistic work includes In Memoriam, an environmental dance film created with artist Annie Pfingst, screened at Light Moves Festival of Screendance (2018) and Independent Dance (2017).

Publications include: ‘OUT!’ Journal of Dance and Somatic Pratices (2022), ‘Is that yoga or are you just making it up?’ and ‘The Matriarch and the Mollusc’ with Caroline Frizell, in Research and Practice that Brings Us Home. The Creative Body as Catalyst. (forthcoming Routledge 2022). ‘Walk of Life Training in Non-stylised and Environmental Movement’, Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (2021), ‘Earth, Tree, Rock and Sea’, JDSP (2018), Anna Halprin, co-authored with Libby Worth (Routledge 2018), ‘Landscapes of Loss, moving and mourning’, JDSP (2013).

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