from Alyson Hallett:
I bring glad tidings of new and exciting things in my world.
1/ I have a new book out: Stone Talks (Triarchy Press). Two essays and one illustrated talk, this book
is getting fantastic feedback. It’s about stones, poetry, creative process, environmental connection – and it’s searingly honest.
Paul Harris, Professor of English at LMU says: I am SO moved and filled with joy reading your work. I feel as if you’re restoring me to my faith, by which I mean faith in listening to feelings, hearing the instinctual voice.
And Donna Haraway: I will be an avid reader of Stone Talks, and I’ll tell my friends to keep an eye out for it.
To snap up a copy:
2/ We launched Stone Talks at Stanton Drew Stone Circles and a film of the event was made by Rebecca Hilton:
3/  I have a new website. It’s a sister website to the stone library, and shows all of my publications and broadcasts: