This month’s First Friday (on December 7) has a kind-of-end-of-term feel, or the-holidays-are-coming feel, depending on your outlook. This is not only the last gathering for 2018, but the last until February 2019 as we don’t get together on the first Friday in January.

So this month, bring something a little special for lunch to share. We meet at 1 and usually adjourn around 3.30.

And also bring something to show. This month’s guest artists are, well, you. We are having the equivalent of an open mic where anyone within the group can come forward to talk about work they are currently doing. 10 minutes each!

You don’t need to let us know if you’re going to present, but it might be helpful if you did.

As always, First Friday is held in the Garden Room at Dartington Hall, but the precise venue may vary, so do check the calendar before coming.  All are welcome (any age). Most venues are wheelchair/buggy accessible.

Get directions to Dartington Hall. To find the Garden Room at Dartington Space, find your way to Dartington and park in the main car park then walk DOWN the hill until you see the large blue SPACE sign. Walk down towards the buildings until you reach the end. We are upstairs.

Lost? ring us on 07968 208583