Our friends at Chrysalis Arts Development have published this wonderfully detailed Guide for Artists – Greening Arts Practice. It’s available here, or at Chrysalis’ own site as a free download.

This 63-page guide lays out the fundamentals of good practice for artists and includes a wealth of case studies. 

Chrysalis says:

This Guide is an attempt to bring together and share what we at Chrysalis Arts have learned about addressing the climate crisis and other related issues through different strands of our work. It also draws upon the experiences of a diverse range of artists with whom we have worked or collaborated in different ways. We wish to thank them for their co-operation and generosity in sharing information about their working processes and creative practice.

The Guide aims to offer a range of entry points and approaches which artists at different stages practice to become more environmentally responsible, or to address environmental issues more directly in their work. It is not intended to be a comprehensive ‘how to’ toolkit, but is an attempt to learn from the direct experiences and them – and to tackle the issues and constraints which inevitably arise.