Anji Archer

I work with mixed art forms, including textiles, sculpture, text, drawing, photography and illustration, using different creative possibilities incorporating discarded and given materials. I have discovered that objects form an important role within the sculptures/installations that I create, whether they are designed for a gallery or are site specific. My practice is an on-going pursuit of a self-discovering language consisting of factual or fictional stories including elements of observations of everyday life. Sometimes this involves researching into the historical background of the environment in which the work is placed. Although a UK based artist my practice to date has crossed cultural boundaries and dealt with important issues around gender, addiction and the plight of children from dysfunctional families. I draw my influences from and celebrate the multi cultural society that surrounds me. I have worked with individuals and groups from every walk of life but focused on those for whom art is often neither an easy choice nor physically simple. Since leaving school in 1985, Art has been my sole source of income and during this time I have exhibited nationally and internationally. I have remained constantly committed to my creativity and have striven to be an ambassador for the Arts both locally and wherever life has taken me.



Twitter: @anjiarcher
Instagram: anjuarcher
Facebook: anjiarcherart


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Posted on

October 29, 2020