Libby Brooks

Though my primary focus is sculpture, it is supported by drawing, etching, monoprint, wood engraving, writing and conversation. I am also immersed in, and inspired by, the philosophical understanding called ‘non-duality’. My work is the result of my journey beyond mind, concept and perception. My aim is not to manipulate with comparison, interpretation, or contaminate with assumption, what is already known but to simply experience as it is. With continually refreshed eyes I explore the energy, vibration and resonance around me with the aim to re-present it in a way that questions perception and meaning-making, via a three dimensional articulation of the unknown. I am not interested in merely repeating reality, but developing and expanding my own intense reality. I work with many different materials – plaster, silicone, fibreglass, epoxy, wax, Jesmonite, bronze, Pewter and found natural objects particularly those overlooked and discarded. My work celebrates ecology, the systemic and emulates the paradox found in nature.


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October 21, 2020