Rachael Mellors

I am an artist working with natural and found materials and using multi-artform approaches. Creative processes are rooted in the rhythms, cycles and processes of life, in synchronicity with the seasons, the daily rising of the sun and the geological processes of erosion and regeneration. This immersive relationship with the natural living world and awareness of the eco system is integral to my artistic practice which takes place where raw materials are sourced, enabling works to be imbued with unique markings inherent in the locality. In using natural materials the product of one cycle becomes the raw material of another. The processes are explored and documented through human scale clay sculptures, found objects, digital photographs, drawings, moving image and text. Expanded awareness and appreciation of the natural world is central to my creative process. My work has recently been published in the book ‘WHAT’s NEXT? Eco Materialism and Contemporary Art’ by Linda Weintraub.

Illumination (2019)

Assemblage fallen clay (2019)

website www.embodied.earth


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January 31, 2019