Rob & Harriet Fraser

We work together, a collaboration rooted in our practices of photography and writing. Our aims are:

  • to highlight the beauty of nature and the benefits of being in natural environments
  • to spend time in natural environments and inspire others to do so,
  • to engage in debate about sustaining sensitive environments and cultures
  • to encourage participation in actively caring for this planet.

We are driven to explore through walking and camping and we immerse ourselves in places off the beaten track. We don’t do this in isolation. Spending time with people whose lives are intimately connected to particular areas is integral to our understanding and appreciation of place and getting involved in farming practices or conservation work forms a core part of our research.

We express what we find through photography, prose writing, poetry, video and installations. We work with local and national organisations. This allows us to bring together strong teams of experts and delve into discussions with people whose views feed into public opinion and, frequently, into government policies, yet are not always in harmony. We are constantly examining our own practice and enquiring into its development, relevance and accessibility. We share our work and provide opportunities for discussion through talks, presentations, public walks, exhibitions and articles, and through our own website and social media platforms.

Our two current main projects, both leading to exhibitions this year are: The Long View and Voices From the Land.



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February 25, 2017

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