Camilla Nelson, co-leader of our short course Branching Out: collaborating with trees this June talks about the Radical Landscapes exhibition she curated earlier this year. The exhibition took place from March 22 to April 20 at The Plough in Torrington, Devon.

Branching Out is co-led by tree artist Alex Metcalf and explores sound, movement, mark- and language-making exercises with trees to open new dimensions in your creative practice. We will expand your awareness of what human and tree bodies are and do – in and of themselves and in relation to each other – in order to develop new ideas and forms of creative expression with trees. After introducing you to a range of tree-listening, language, mark-making, sound, installation and performance techniques we will invite you to combine two or three methods to trial solo/collaborative works and ideas for sharing and discussion. The aim of these three days is to support you to deepen and broaden your understanding of how trees work and your relationship with them through a creative being-with-trees.

Places are still available. Please contact us about possible bursary opportunities