Thursday 30th June – Friday 1 July 2022  – Dartington Hall Estate / Space Studios / Studio 6
Everyday: 9:30 – 17:30

We are really excited to have Nita Little all the way from the USA here in Devon for a 2 day Intensive at Dartington. 
Join us on this unique and rare opportunity to study Contact Improvisation & Relational Intelligence with Nita Little one of the founders of Contact Improvisation.  Nita is offering a 2 day Intensive Workshop at Dartington for the first time as part of her Europe Tour 2022.

About this Workshop

This is a two-day dive into the fabric of touch that is key to our relational practices in the movement of Contact Improvisation – and for many of us, in the living of life itself. Steeped in somatic communication, this adventure into our movement life begins within ourselves, but  moves outwardly, to where selfhood refuses to be stable, set and limiting. Movement scores throughout the weekend will make this connection. In this workshop we will form and reform what we know as touch, exploring how this touch translates into the flow of movement. We increase the strength of our moving together with the human and the more than human worlds we also are.
Creative, thoughtful, heart based, skill based, your learning will be anchored in the core principles of Contact Improvisation, such as: how to move weight like water – actions of cascading. The details of touching within weight exchange. The rising and hanging of the body – each mode significant to communication. How attention lives in the very small. Extending to form surfaces that arc. Learning to trust the physicality of your extended intelligence. 

Movement practices include lots of dancing both as skills building and exploration. Although, in many cases these will be the same thing. Expect to be touched beyond the flesh.

All the details are here.