First Fridays are our monthly series of informal artist get-togethers where the conversation may stray from the triassic to contemporary reusable plastics — and just about anywhere in between.The sessions last about an hour and are friendly and informal. Participants come from across the world and are always a mix of ‘regulars’ and new people.

First think to note is that we are not meeting on the first Friday but the second. This is because it seems better to invite people to gather on January 8 rather than New Year’s Day when we’re more likely to be involved elsewhere. We will enjoy contributions from Jane Eaton, Martin Broadbent, Rachel Magdeburg and Bob Budd.

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Jane Eaton

I will share the story of my Ecofashionart body of work which has been created in response to the fast/throwaway fashion industry and the effect it has on our environment.

Fashion, surface design and textiles have featured prominently in my life and all three of these elements have contributed to this project. The challenge has been to utilize materials I have collected over many years creating imagery that connects directly to Fashion thus highlighting and extending awareness of how recycling and the choices we make can contribute to making positive changes in relation to the one of the most polluting industries in the world.

The Russian Girl  Mixed Media on Paper 80cm x 60cm


Martin Broadbent

 Mystery Object; Show and Tell

 I will share reflections on the revelations, tensions and connections betweenart and science by taking the group on a virtual Field Trip. 

Rachel Magdeburg

Rachel Magdeburg is an artist and PhD researcher currently based in Wolverhampton. Her recent watercolour paintings are of supposedly ‘mundane’ objects depicted from life. These explore consumer capitalism, agribusiness, ecological rupture and different traditions of pictorial representation (natural history illustration, Ukiyo-e and Western oil painting). Visuality, hydro-materiality and the (dis)connections between figure and ground are tested within the work. Water as both medium, metaphor and subject creates and dissipates imagery.

Old Wave, watercolour on paper, 2020

Bob Budd

Bob will talk about several artworks over the last 30 years where I have used the geometric form of a cross.

Entre Lacs