from member Lara Goodband

Raspberry jam polenta & coconut muffins (gluten free as it happens)

Created on clearing out the house in Scarborough

100g polenta
100g rice flour *
50g dessicated coconut *
2 teaspoons of baking powder & half of bicarbonate
110g sugar
2 eggs
100g oil
120ml yogurt and milk
Vanilla essence
Teaspoon of jam in each muffin
Soft fruit optional

*replace with 100g ground almonds & 50g rice flour

17 minutes on 190 degrees in a preheated to 200 fan oven

I made these last weekend in lockdown using ground almonds, flour & more polenta with blueberries rather than jam & my family enjoyed them

Mix all dry
Mix all wet
Stir together & put one dessert spoon of mixture into muffin case followed by teaspoon of best raspberry jam followed by another spoon full of the mixture